Hier & There, the Germanic-American Institute podcast, brings you an interesting mix of stories and interviews about transatlantic relations, German culture, insights into the German language, information about upcoming GAI events, and more. Hosted by Günther Michael Jahnl. Subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts!


S2Ex4 – Special Episode: Deutsche Tage Sing-Along with John Hoffacker
S2E5 - Deutsche Tage: History & Event Preview
S2E4 - Verbs, Music, and Live-Streaming Events
S2Ex3 – Special Episode: Part 2 - Fred Amram - Reflections on the Holocaust
S2Ex2 – Special Episode: Part 1 - Mindy Ratner - The Kaddish, Reflection on the Holocaust
S2E3 - Switzerland: Myths & Realities
S2Ex1 – Special Episode: The Frankfurt Kitchen with Director & Filmmaker Maribeth Romslo
S2E3 - German Elections & Politics, and Mistakes in Grammar
S2E2 - The 5th Season, Amateur Drag, Vienna Balls, & Idioms