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Donors are listed for the donations made between between January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022. Please accept our apologies for any errors or omissions. For corrections, please contact Andrew Leshovsky, Director of Development and Communications, at aleshovsky@gaimn.org.

Individual Supporters

$25,000 and above

Rick and Susan Spielman Family Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation
in Memory of Ted Taylor


Georg Gauger


Mightycause Foundation
Judianne Pennoyer
Arlette Siekmeier
Nancy and Rick Zinter


Louis F. Hill
Danika Hoffmann and Floyd Olive
Ron Gerdes and Sue Saunders
Beth and Kent Horsager
Mike and Pat Rose
William Schlichting and Steve Lenius
Amy and John Stielow
Karla Wagner and David Dalum


Heino Beckmann and Darlene Sholtis
Fred and Nancy Behr
Scott Bentrup and Emily Good
David and Julia Brueske
Eberhard and Erne Bulach
Marjorie Deutsch
William and Bonnie Frels
James and Jackie Gruetzman
Erin Hart and Benjamin Langager
Carrie and Matt Hess
Monika Hoffmann and Jim VanBuskirk
Joseph and Katharine Huebsch
Jeff and Judy Koniges
Walter and Bernadette Kopischke
Giles and Valva Lommel
Martin and Penny Loso
Mike and Sylvia Lovett
Karin and Robert Magill-Cuerden
Helmut and Mary Maier


Marc and Kathy Manderscheid
Stephen Metz and Diane Clayton
Rolf and Ingrid Muehlenhaus
Barbara Müller and James Coudron
Ronald Okenfuss and Jenneke Oosterhoff
Kevin O’Malley and Marcia Steyaert
Ferdinand and Gisela Peters
Karola and Thomas Rauer
Paul and Joyce Riedesel
Debra and Bob Riggs
Florian and Sheree Schattenmann
Evelyn Schlichting
Renate Sharp
Paul and Fran Stachour
Donald and Maryann K. Stevens
Bryan and Kim Volk
Fritz West
Paul and Helga Wittig
JeriLynn Young and Darrick Jensen


Matthew and Andrea Abeln
Robert Aderhold and Audrey Kingstrom
Carol Allin
Charles Alsip
Jeana and Jerod Anderson
John and Judith Anderson
Gretchen and David Anderson
Nate Atkinson
Jeremy Babcock
Marian Bagley
Alison Barie
Patricia Benn and Ned Crosby
Herb and Lynne Benz
Steven and Bethany Bertsch
David and Diana Betts
Marie Bibus
Vicki and Paul Bierlein
Steve Brinduse
John and Leni Broadhurst
Hilary Brown
Linda Budde
Steven Carlson
Gayle and James Carlson
Ellen and Floyd Carlson
Nancee and Bernard Carpenter
Peter and Barbara Cavanaugh
Virginia Claessens McDonald
Jerry and Nancy Condon
Joy and Michael Curtin
Emily Daves and Matthew Boder
Cary Degenstein
James and Rose Marie Degerstrom
Gustav, Jr. and Audrey Degler
Dean Trisko and Bettina Dehnhard
Helen Desens
James and Josephine Diedrich
Werner Dittmann
Angelika and Woodie Dixon
Marc and Jesseka Doherty
Steven and Terry Dondlinger
Randy Dorn
Ryan and Jennifer Doubet
Richard Dougherty

Suzanne Ducker
Jonathan Duesman
Bill and Marian Eisenmann
Sylvia Elrod
Helga Emrich
Carol Engel
Evelyn and Roger Engle
Katrin Erdmann and Matthew Anderson
Tom and Kathi Evans
Carol Fellner
Lisa France
Christian and Lynsey Gausman
Carsten Gehring
Jerry and Beth Geis
James Graupner
Sarah and Jason Greff
John Haight, Jr.
James Hamann
Felicity and Will Hanson
John Harrer
Jean Haskell
Sarah and Jason Helm
Donavon and Shirley Hess
Matthias and Sarah Hinrichs
James and Bettina Hixson
Bill and Jane Horton
Kelly Hughes
Coralie Hunter
Theresa Huppertz
Joerg and Jill Hutmacher
Don and Pam Jakes
Nancy and Ronald Johnson
Trenton Johnson
Ann and Brennan Jones
Maria and Jason Kalin
Darla and Timo Kanning
Marita Karlisch
Kathryn Keefer and Jeanie Kozar
Clayton Kemp and Richard Hinze
Diane Klemenhagen
William Klingel
Ruth and Randolph
Knoche Granheim
Kyle Johnson and Astrid Knott Johnson
Susan Kressin and James Radtke
Jim and Joanne Kusler
Jim and Robin Lackner
Gregory and Mai Lauer
Michael Leitch and Evan Glodowski


Andrew Leshovsky and Louis Berg-Arnold
Diana Levi
Kathryn Linafelter Johnson and Christopher Johnson
Katy Lindblad
Jill and Gary Lutz
Norman Lynskey
Rudolf and Catherine Martignacco
Fred Matzer and Connie Nordstrom
Carolyn Messbarger
Glenn Miller and Jocelyn Hale
Liesa Miller
Joseph Milner and Kristjan Selvig
Larry and Cindy Mohr
Kevin and Abby Mosher
William and Imelda Muggli
Wayne and Joan Myers
Allison Nassif Gioielli
Gerald and Marlane Neuman
William Nicol and Lisa Windmayer
Bill and Sandy Nietz
Michael and Sandy Nollan
David and Billie Novy
Wm Floyd Olive Jr
Bonnie and Brian Olson
Michael and Joan Opitz
Gerald and Barbara Oppermann
Chris and Laurie Paidosh
Helga Parnell
Carla and Scott Passon
Liz Pearson and Tim Moore
Ruth Pechauer and Michael Wallace
Joe Plante and Eric Neumann
Peter Puster and Paula Waschbusch
Alden and Dianne Rabe
Carol Randall
Tara Rasch
Andrew Reeher
John and Kersten Reich
Bettie Reuther

David and Mary Robinson
Cal and Melissa Roeske
Heike Rucker
Camille and Mark Sampers
Arline Satrom
Gregory Saueressig
Juliane Schicker and Jake Peterson
Robert Schmitt
Udo and Monika Schulz
Brent Schulz and Sonia Aamodt-Schulz
Diana Schutter and Richard Radder
Janet and Thomas Scott
Gary Shipp and David Couillar
Ross and Colleen Siemers
Karen and Kenneth Smith
Margaret Birgit and Bill Smith
Jackie and Robert Sorenson
Ruben and Dorothy Soruco
Andrew Staab and Kristin Flom
Beau and Chelsea Stead
Jörg and Mary Steinbach
Sonja and Howard Stover
Joan Strobel
Albert and Marlys Sturm
Joseph and Mary Sullivan
Robert Swiller
Selmer Syverson and Alice Bahls-Syverson
Megan Tedder
Marie-Luise Teigen
Irma Thies
Andrew Thomas and Deloris Ouren
Elizabeth and Dean Van Hoever
Aaron Verdell Call and Nicole Call
Darrel and Carol Videen
Bernt von Ohlen and Tom Nichol|
Susanne Wagner and David Motley
Scott Weiland
Cody Wendlandt
Peter and Sue Wickert
Gerry and Barb Wildes
Daniel Wheeler and Jessica Wittwer
Susan Wolf
Scott Wolf
Robert Wolf
Susan and Terry Wolkerstorfer
James and Lynda Wolter
Manfred and Sieglinde Wormuth
Henry Wyneken
Brahim and Patrice Zabeli
Jan and Jon Zeipen
Richard Ziemann
Gisela Zimmer and Joe Hertenstein
Gerald and Lois Zimmermann
Elaine Zitzman


Alex Aavang
Carrie and Reed Ackerman
Steve and Rhonda Affield
Peter and Stacey Bacigalupo
Jeff and Susan Balfanz
Daniel and Julie Baron
Mark and Kim Bauer
Aaron and Bethany Bauernfeind
Sebastian Behrens
Courtney and Timothy Beran
Janice Beyma
Bruce and Irene Bjorklund
Natalie Boehnke
Nancy and Carl Bostrom
Claudia and Tim Braun
Terry Briese and Michael Espinoza
Joanna and Chris Brookes
Eric and Elizabeth Brotten
Martin Bruhl
John and Heidi Burmis
David and Brianna Burris
Judy Bylicki
Siri Caltvedt
T. Clemen
Kevin Connor and Claire Burkitt
Brian and Patricia Curtice
Paul DeMuth
Theresa and Aaron Doeden
Patrick and Kirsten Donaldson
Benjamin and Rebeccah Downs
Michael and Diane Dummer
Karl and Lisa Eberhart
Wolfgang and Heidi Ebert
Brigitte Edstrom
Jessica Egyhazi and Jason Broberg
Sylvia and Bill Ekblad
James Feldt
David and Linda Fernelius
David Fettig and Nancy Baldrica
Kieley and David Filepp
Gretchen Flaherty
Benjamin Fleischhacker
Katharina Fleischhacker
Tiffa and Elliot Foster
Cathy and Joe Frazier
Ruwal Freese and Jo Lucas
Peter Gabrail
John Gardner
Nicholas Gardner and Dr. Teresa Sanislo
Brian and Lisa Garrity
Peter and Karyn Grebner
David and Marlene Greenlaw
Antone and Mary Gregory
Tracy Griffith and Jascha Lease
Emily and Michael Gröbner
Matthew Haas
Mary Jane Haemig
Chris and Lucy Hahn
Laura Hansen
Susan and Jason Harens
Joyce Hart
Stefan Hartmann
Faye and Steve Heffele
Melissa Hendrickx and Heidi Solberg
Laurence Hennessy
Lorand Swenson and Deborah Henson
Jeanine Hess
Ryan Hill
Toby Hillmann and Heather Nordby
Waldemar and Carol Holznagel
Heike and Donald Hommes
Birgit John
Nancy Johnson and Paul Anton
Joseph and Robin Johnson
Margaret Johnson
Jeff and Marina Jones
Terry Kayser and CeCeile Hartleib
Alicia Kennedy and Daniel Bonnell
Thomas and Pamela Keul
Andrew Koebrick and Christine Douglas
Juergen Konczak and Silke Moeller
Nancy and Mitchell Konkel
Ulrich Köster and Elizabeth Kautz
Jared Krichbaum and James Anderson
Jim and Judy Krueger
Lübbert Kruizenga and Herta Korfé
Barret Lane and Rev. Pamela Stalheim Lane
Patrick and Cynthia Lannon


Jennifer and Ben Lee
Joshua Lemon
Jack R Lewis
Ana Lois-Borzi and Damon Brinson
LeRoy and Sharon Looser
Nancy Lueke and Ted Pawlicki
Chris Macgowan and Jennifer Hays
Mary Magnuson
Dawn Mak
Steve Marshall
Magdalene Mau
Glenn and Mia McDavid
Suzanne and Mark McInroy
Anita McLaughlin
Renee McNeill
Scott Meyer and Danielle Hinz
Erin and Randolph Meyers
Robert and Suzanne Meyerson
Brittany and Brett Michelson
Sean Beaton and Cynthia Miller
Michael and Sarah Miziorko
Charles and Jodee Montreuil
Siglinde Moore
Nicole Muehlenhaus
Daniel and Lynn Munson
Jeanne Nagel
John and Mary Neeser
Linda and Kris Nelson
Marlene Odahlen-Hinz and Jerry Hinz
Jeff Odendahl
Suzanne Okeson and Greg Skogen
MariaTeresa Olivari
Wade and Kathleen Olsen
James and Margaret Parsons
Kurt and Caroline Partoll
Johanna-Jessica and Brent Phillips
Ronald Pogue
Ellie and Ken Purdes
Richard Raffesberger
Joel Reiman and Craig Altman
Cynthia Reimers Erickson and Leroy Erickson
Carl and Susan Reinighaus
Vicki and Terrance Renslow
Stacy Reynolds and Jody Kovalick
Christi Richmond and Carmen Sander
Steve and Dixie Riedel
Scott and Shelley Rische
Dean and Henriette Roe
Stefanie Rose and Jason Braaten
Dean and Marguerite Rosenow
Emily Ruggles Johnson and Christian Johnson
Jeannette and Todd Sample
Dan Sassenberg
Vernon and Elfriede Schaaf
Nadine Schaefer and Saujanya Shrestha
Merlin and Jill Schlichting
Gayle and Kenneth Schultz
Peter Schulz
Amy Simpson
Barbara Sletten
Laura Smith and Paul Christianson
Dean and Cindy Snowberg
John and Sherri Sole
David Sorteberg and Jill Beguhn-Sorteberg
Mary St. Marie
Alvin and Cindy Stabenow
Richard and Jeanette Staiert
Mark and Kelly Staller
Fiete and Libby Stegger
Janice and Jerry Swanberg
Russ and Hannelore Tempelman
Anita Terry and Kevin Harding
Jennifer Thiele
Sarah and Phillip Tomczik
Peter and Martha Vogel
Petra Vogt
Tim and Lisa Voit
Randy Warzecha and Alida Fischer
Gerry and Kristine Wenner
Andrew Will-Holmberg and Kate Anders
Chad and Bre Yeager
Andrea Zimmer-Penton and Eric Penton
Cory and Carol Zupfer

Up to $49

Kathy and Phil Adam
Elizabeth Ambrose
Fred Amram and Sandra Brick
Dwight and Karen Anderson
Marvel Anderson
Thomas Arndt
Joel and Joyce Arney
Mary Ashmore
Robert Axtmann and Cara Thalhuber
Celina Bach Goldenberg
Brigitte Bachmeier
John and Barbara Balfanz
Diane and Paul Benish
Deborah Benson and Robert Hayhurst
Kayla Berg
Sarah Berg
Laris K Berggren
Sharon Bergmann and Curt Witte
Gail Beske and Bruce Smith
Erin Betlock
Joseph Biever
Dean Billmeyer
Nicholas Bingham and Jade Erickson
Phyllis and John Blees
Kim Bombard
Peter and Susan Borden
David Born
Linda and Wolfgang Boss
Anita Bradshaw
Thomas Brand
Jorgen Brandt
John Brindel
Roland and Cyrilene Brouillard
Terrell Brown
Gary and Nancy Brown
Lynn Bueltel
Kia Cashman
John Coldagelli
Eileen Costello
Christine and Richard Costello
Dan and Jan Crowley
Alexandra Cummelin

Chris Curry
Neil Danner
Susan de Freitas
Ulrich Dietz
Thomas and Cami Dirnberger
Edith Downing
James Eaton
David Eisenbrandt
Joyce Eissinger
Yvonne Eissinger
Laurie and Russell Erdman
Mark Fasching
Jan and Hercules Feye-Stukas
Aaron Fischer
Race Fisher
Eric and Susan Flach
Diana and Scott Foss
William French
Susan Fuerstenberg
Monika Fulton
Michael Gause
Lothar and Helga Gehrke
Helga Gelley
Tessy Taylor Gibbons
Tammy Gibson
Corinna and Bill Gilbert
John and Joe Gindele
Gwendolyn Gisselquist
Bob Gjorvad
Anne Goetz
Thomas and Jeanine Greenfield
Jacob and Cara Grussing
Dean Haas
Ken and Suzanne Hall
Jayne Hammes and Douglas Hutzenbuehler
Elizabeth Hammoud
Elizabeth Hanson
Lauren Harn
Allyson Harthe
Kristina Hauser
Mary and John Hayne
Ron Heck
Christel Heinsen
Michael Henning
Tom Hess
Matthew Hessler
Keith and Nancy Heuer
James, Sr. and Joyce Hinderks
Agnes Hoffman
Rosemarie Hogan
Dan Hoisington
Jenny Hopkins
Dennis and Karoline Hosek
Christine Huelster
Jon Hughes
Narisa and Darrel Ibeling
Paul Ihlenfeldt
Fred and Janet Jacobs
Joyce and Bob Janssen
Michael Jeffrey
Jimi Jimi Jimi
Heather Johnson
Nancy Joosten
John and Judith Jourdan
Loretta and George Kalamaroff
Lena Kaljot
Jeff Karnitz
Robert Karnitz
Todd Kehrberg
Lisa and Ted Kerner
Don Keysser
Ross and Phyllis Kiihn
Evelyn Klein
Michael Koalska
Bryan and Loretta Koch
Fay and David Kotilinek
Brian Krafthefer
William and Cielito Kroll


Sherry and Lee Krueger
Stephen Kupris
Mark Ladwig
Holly Larson
Debbie and Mark Legan
Margret Lemkins
Scott and Shelly Leshovsky
Margo Leslie
Michael Lilja
Michael and Ruth Lindsay
Douglas Litterer
Rachel Lucking
Leslie MacDonald
Ronald Machel
Carolyn Mars
Jay Maruska
Nicholas Maurice
Robert and Julie Mayer
Ian McCann
Robert McDivitt and Julie Theobald
Judy and David McElyea
Jane McGrath
Kenley and Cindy Merrill
Chris and Chad Mezera
William and Patricia Middeke
Scott Miller
Nick Moe
Elizabeth Moldenhauer
Elizabeth Musicant
Stan and Barb Nelson
Owen Neubauer
James Neuenfeldt
Melanie Nevins
Klaus and Judy Noelle
Gudrun Nordby
Lora Oberle
Michael Oberle
Thomas O’Brien and Stephanie Summers
Daniel Oehmke
Steven Opheim
Linda Paulat and Gerry Moore
Siegfried and Diane Plagens
Larry and Sue Poppler
Wade and Mary Ann Prozeller
Max Paul and Leslie Radloff
Paul and Ardys Randall
John and Sharon Reimers
Vern and Kendal Riediger
Andrea and Brent Roeger
David Rompa and Willie Grant
Dan Rooney and Lisa Guyer-Rooney
Ken and Lynn Rubenzer
George Ruth
Kelly Rynda
Shirley Sailors
Brad Schafer
Stephanie and Stuart Scheu
Joan Schimml
Tara Schlechter
David and Judith Schlief
Donald and Ursula Schmeling
Sharon Schmidt
Rudy and Susan Schnasse
David Schnell
Mary Schoenborn and James Stemper
Lidwina Schoenborn
Frederick and Marcy Schramm
Gerry Schulz
Judy Schwartau
Joseph, Sr. and Nancy Schwarz
Donovan and Myrna Schwichtenberg
Corinne Segal
Kari Seime and Mike Wylie
Chris Semar
Neil Seymour, Jr.
Thomas and Wanda Shepard
Pamela Showalter-Johnson and Douglas Johnson
Kathy Sicard
Giancarlo Sierra
William and Virginia Simek
Lisa Skjefte
Christopher Smith and Mary Lund
Sidra Stark
Werner and Suzy Stenzel
Valerie Stoker and Peter Ganzlin
Susan Strohschein and Philip Peterson
Paul Tatting
Greg Taylor
Julie Tesch
Allan and Valerie Thoennes
Christa Tiefenbacher-Hudson
Craig Traviss
Maria Traxler and Daniel Neuburger
Vija Treibergs
Almuth Tschunko
Thomas Ulmen
George and Barbara Vogel
Mary Voight
Amy Waller
Keith and Barbara Watschke
Marty Watson and Fred Schwartz
Thomas Weaver
Yvonne Webb and Joseph Toussaint
Elizabeth Wegele
Evelyn Weihemuller
Kevin Weingart
Alan Wichman and Rita Wilczek
Barbara Widmer
Haley Wiederhold
Barbara and Mary Wierschem
Gary and Jana Williams
Dawn Wilson and John Hardy
Donn Wilson
Lori Windschitl
Ellen Worlund-Voorhaar and Richard Voorhaar
Jody Wurl
Kenneth and Sharon Wyberg
Andrea Yanego
Jim Zastrow
Peter and Ellen Zimmerman
Roberta Zohara

Roberta Zohara

Corporate Matching Gifts

3M Foundation
Ameriprise Financial
Medtronic Foundation
Securian Foundation
Thrivent Financial Foundation
Wells Fargo

In-Kind Donations

Legacy Production Group
Walter’s Recycling & Refuse

Sponsors and Partners

American Council on Germany
Barbara Müller, Honorary Consul of the Federal Republic of Germany
Cultural STAR Program
German American Chamber of Commerce of the Midwest, MN Chapter
German-American Heritage Foundation
Global MN
Goethe-Institut Chicago
Pommern Regional Group of Minnesota
St. Paul’s United Church of Christ
University of St. Thomas
Wolfgang Mössinger, Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany
World Without Genocide
Wunderbar Together, Germany and the US

Special Thanks

Barbara Müller, Honorary Consul to the Republic of Germany
Mark Ritchie, Global Minnesota
The Strege Family
Dr. Juliane Schicker, Carleton College, University of Minnesota


Donors are listed for the donations made between between January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022. Please accept our apologies for any errors or omissions. For corrections, please contact Andrew Leshovsky, Director of Development and Communications, at aleshovsky@gaimn.org.