From beginners eager to begin their language journey to advanced students exploring complex topics, the GAI offers quality language instruction for all levels.

Learning Levels

START 1-2-3 Beginner (A1)

For students who have had no German to up to one year of German language instruction
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Curriculum: START 1-2-3

Advanced Beginner (A2)

For students who have completed A1 or at least three semesters of German language instruction
Curricula: A2.1 / A2.2 / A2.3

Intermediate (B)

For students who have completed A2 or at least 3-4 years of German language instruction

Advanced (C)

For students enrolled in C-level classes at the GAI or with advanced language skills

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For tutoring and private classes, please contact or call 651-222-7027 ext 101 with a brief description of your language goals, desired location, and general times and days of the week when you are available to meet with a tutor.