Traveling to Germany for business or pleasure? Preparing for a big exam? Let our expert tutors help.

For these sessions, our instructors will tailor the curriculum to the individual needs of the student to meet their specific language goals. Tutoring may take place on Zoom, at the GAI, or at another location convenient to the student and tutor. Tutoring is a great option for busy adults with changing schedules—each lesson is scheduled between the student and the tutor. Want to bring a colleague? One lesson may be shared by up to three people.

Choose the lesson length works for you.* Cost per lesson is based on the following rates:
45 minutes for $55
60 minutes for $70
Additional increments of 30 minutes at $70 per hour
*Session minimum lengths may be applicable

Tutoring sessions may be paid monthly by credit card though our secure online system. Please contact Language Services to set up your payment.

Trip Fee
For tutoring not conducted at the GAI, a trip fee may be added to each lesson to reimburse the tutor for the extra mileage and time spent traveling to the requested location. The general trip fee per tutoring lesson is $20 for distances greater than 25 miles. This fee may be negotiated on an individual basis.

For tutoring inquiries, please contact or call 651-222-7027 ext. 101 with a brief description of your language goals, desired location, and general times and days of the week when you are available to meet with a tutor.