S2E4 – Verbs, Music, and Live-Streaming Events

Germanic-American Institute
Germanic-American Institute
S2E4 - Verbs, Music, and Live-Streaming Events

This is the first “remote” episode of Hier & There. While we accommodate the stay-at-home orders, Claudia, Katrin, and Michael connected virtually and recorded this episode from their respective homes.

Katrin leads you through a short lesson in grammar:

Strong verbs with vowel changes. Get to know and learn how the 11 most common German verbs are used. Click this link to access the GAI’s Quizlet folder and familiarize yourself, practice, and then put it to good use.

We’re also sharing some helpful tips in “Germanizing” your environment to immerse yourself at home and learn German even quicker.

The second part of this episode is dedicated to music. Busting the stereotypes of “lederhosen jazz”, the D-A-CH region has a lot more going on than is broadly marketed. There’ll be some familiar names, Freddy Quinn, Heino, Die Zillertaler Schürzenjäger, Helene Fischer, Nena (99 Red Balloons), etc., but there’s more to Germany than meets the ear: The Scorpions (Winds of Change), Falco (Rock Me Amadeus), Herbert Grönemeyer, or large music festivals such as “Rock am Ring”, the origination of European House Music and techno.

Not to forget, there’s also the depth of cultural meaning expressed through music. The layers of German music are deep, meaningful, and go far beyond what is expected.