S2E5 – Deutsche Tage: History & Event Preview

Germanic-American Institute
Germanic-American Institute
S2E5 - Deutsche Tage: History & Event Preview

Event Preview Episode: Deutsche Tage

One of the significant events of the GAI is Deutsche Tage; a Fest that wouldn’t exist without volunteers who graciously donate their time. Many of these volunteers have been with Deutsche Tage for decades.

In this episode, we welcome Helga Pernell, who remembers Deutsche Tage from 1963. Helga has been with the GAI for decades, organizing, helping, and cooking. Imagine 200lbs of German Potato Salad… Helga shares her recipe with us in this episode.

We also talked with Jeana Anderson, Executive Director at the GAI, about the changes for the 2020 Deutsche Tage. Instead of keeping DT to a weekend-only event, we are delivering community events all week long – online. Jeana tells us about live streams, party kits, facemasks, a drive-by pick-up opportunity, and more.