Classes for Teens and Pre-Teens

These classes build reading, writing, listening comprehension, and speaking skills in a fun, interactive, and age appropriate environment.

German for Youth (age varies by class 10 to 16)

Beginner – limited or no prior exposure to German. Students will interact with and learn about German culture as they build their language skills.

Advanced – for pre-teens who have taken the beginner class or who already know some German. Builds on the skills acquired in previous classes.

German for Teens (ages 13 and over)

Beginner – limited or no prior exposure to German. The course covers topics such as weather, sports and hobbies, school, current events, and culture.

Intermediate – for students who have taken 1–2 years of German or completed A1 level. Teens explore current events and literature while expanding vocabulary and grammar skills.

Advanced – recommended for students with several years of German classes or graduates of TCGIS, students who have completed DSD I, or B1, or who have lived in a German-speaking country.

Classes offered will vary each term. Current offerings can be found by clicking the registration button.

Classes meet Saturday mornings for 1 hour.

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