Street Art Gallery

This gallery represents a selection of street art from the George Floyd Street Art database with works by local street artists and community members in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. See the full database.

  • Truck Angel

    This mural was a collaboration among local artists in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area who were protesting peacefully on the interstate I-35 bridge the day a truck came barreling into the crowd. Fortunately, no one was injured in the incident, which inspired the artists to create the mural above. The mural was located at Spyhouse Coffee, 2404 Hennepin Avenue in Minneapolis.

  • Stronger Together

    This composite puzzle portrait of George Floyd has pink text reading “Stronger Together”. It was painted by a 22 year-old woman artist called SIG, who witnessed the rioting and burning of the third precinct police department in Minneapolis. She wanted to donate some beauty to her boarded-up community.

  • George Floyd Crowned in Glory

    This stencil of George Floyd embellished with a gold crown, streams of color, and musical notes, was found on the wall of a business on Lake Street in Minneapolis. It is signed by “Grimmz River.”