S4E2: The German Elections – Part 1

Germanic-American Institute
Germanic-American Institute
S4E2: The German Elections - Part 1

After 16 years, Chancellor Angela Merkel is stepping down, opening the race to various contenders. Who is in the lead, what do they stand for, and what’s in store for the Germans? We have enlisted Katrin back to the podcast, who has many of the answers to our questions.

As the election happens in real-time as you are listening to this episode, here are some sources to follow the vote counts:

For highly proficient German speakers: https://www.zdf.de/
English versions are found on Deutsche Welle and BBC News.

We will follow up with Part 2 after the election has concurred, welcoming Wim back to the show, who will be able to chat with us about the “lay of the land” with boots on the ground.