S1E9 – Deutsche Tage at the GAI

Germanic-American Institute
Germanic-American Institute
S1E9 - Deutsche Tage at the GAI

Mark the dates: The 2019 Deutsche Tage:
Saturday, June 8, 11 AM–10 PM
Sunday, June 9, 11 AM–5 PM
At the Germanic-American Institute Haus and grounds

We welcome Linda, the chief event planner of Deutsche Tage, to our studio. We’re taking a deep-dive into the event, sharing some of the vendors, food, and entertainment you can look forward to!

In our 61st year! Deutsche Tage (German Days) is one of the Germanic-American Institute’s (GAI) longest-standing traditions and the oldest heritage festival in St. Paul. For 60 years, the GAI has shared the arts, traditions, and cuisine of the German-speaking world, and inspired thousands of Minnesotans to discover new aspects of German culture.

Headlining the main stage is the Joey Johnson Band, a local trio that can polka with the best. A full schedule of entertainers include Ron Machel on accordion, the lovely Swiss Alp Horns, and concertina virtuoso Josh Eidsor.

Food and drink are the cornerstone of Deutsche Tage: There will be plenty of bratwurst, German potato salad, and sauerkraut. Drinks include Paulaner beers, Germanic wines, Jägermeister, and Apfelschorle. Dampfwerk Distilling will create a special Deutsche Tage cocktail and will have their German-style spirits for sale.

The GAI Podcast will also make an appearance. We’ll have our portable studio setup out in the open, ready for you to sit down with us, talk about your impressions of Deutsche Tage, or ask us any questions you have on your mind.