S1E12 – Idioms & Vacation in Northern Germany

Germanic-American Institute
Germanic-American Institute
S1E12 - Idioms & Vacation in Northern Germany

Katrin and Michael go over a few idioms, explain what they mean, how literal translations make very little sense, and under which circumstances certain idioms can be used. Here’s the list of all the idioms:

Ich glaub mein Schwein pfeift (I believe my pig whistles)
Das Leben ist kein Zuckerschlecken (Life is no sugar-licking)
Alles in Butter (Everything is in butter)
Auf dem Holzweg sein (To be on the wooden path [trail])
Sturm ist erst wenn die Schafe keine Locken mehr haben (It’s not storming until the sheep have no curls)
Es ist mir Wurst (This is really just sausage to me)
Du hast Tomaten auf den Augen (You have tomatoes on your eyes) [Germany “Tomate” (singular) | Austria “Paradeiser” (singular & plural)
Ich glaube ich spinne (I believe I’m a spider)
Ich verstehe nur Bahnhof (I only understand railway station)
Du gehst mir auf den Keks (You’re getting on my cookie)
Den Löffel abgeben (to hand over the spoon)
Baba (Austrian “Good bye”)
Ungustl (Austrian “unkempt person”)
Leiwand (Austrian “super” or “cool”)

We also talk about Katrin’s vacation in Northern Germany, some of the do’s and dont’s, and how not to spend $10k getting rescued.

And, we keep you updated about all the events, and start times of the classes in the fall semester, too.