Your son or daughter has now enjoyed a year or two at Kinderstube. His/her German has developed beautifully! He/she speaks and understands many words and phrases, sings German songs and has started to have little conversations in German. You like the cultural exposure to this new world and you really would love for him/her to continue learning and speaking German.

Regardless where your next step in language learning will take you and your child – you can feel confident that you engaged him/her in a stimulating environment that will boost his/her future acquisition of any language and understanding of global culture, no matter which school he/she attends.

So, where to go from here?

Germanic-American Institute

At the Germanic-American Institute you and your child have an array of language learning opportunities at your finger tips.

The GAI offers classes for preschool, elementary and middle school students, teenagers and adults from beginner to advanced levels as well as language certification for the most studious scholar.

During the Summer months, your child can attend fun-filled weekly language camps that explore culture, science, sports, cooking, arts, and other summer themes.

Twin Cities German Immersion school

Twin Cities German Immersion School is a K-8 tuition free charter school with strong support of dedicated staff, parents, and community members under the sponsorship of the Germanic-American Institute.

The school creates a stable and vibrant learning environment that nurtures a child’s curiosity and fosters intercultural awareness.

Opportunities for high academic achievement through an innovative and student-centered German immersion curriculum are offered. Students leave prepared for challenging academic settings both at home and abroad.

The TCGIS uses a yearly lottery system to determine new student placement.

Concordia Language Villages

The German Language Village Waldsee offers übercool adventures in German for beginning through advanced learners, all in a fun, motivating setting with master teachers, talented counselors, and participants from across the country and around the world.

Waldsee is the premier German language immersion program in North America and recognized as a national Center of Excellence by the American Association of Teachers of German (AATG).

Concordia language villages offer camp experiences in 15 languages during many school breaks, for family weekends, and summer camps. All villages are located near Bemidji, Minnesota.