Savor a home-cooked German Mittagessen every second Tuesday of the month at Stammtisch Curbside. Pick up your meal-to-go at the GAI between 11:30 a.m. and noon. Reservations are required—please call the office at 651-222-7027 or email by 3 p.m. on the Wednesday before Stammtisch to reserve your meal. $14 includes a meal and dessert. Das Menü: Cabbage rolls and […]

Stammtisch Curbside

Event Series Stammtisch Curbside
GAI Grounds
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In partnership with Global Minnesota - join us for a free screening of the Swiss/German Documentary "This Kind of Hope" Released in 2023, the documentary tells the story of diplomat, Andrei Sannikov, who was instrumental in Belarus' nuclear disarmament in the 1990s. Under dictator Lukashenko, he resigned from the civil service and began the fight […]

Partner Event: This Kind of Hope Film Screening

GAI Haus (Not ADA accessible)
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Apprenticeship instead of a traditional four-year degree? Yes! Increasingly more US students and families are choosing apprenticeships as the debt-free, post secondary education option leading to a rewarding and high paying career. Join us for a free event to learn about innovative local and national/international apprenticeship opportunities for both youth and adults seeking an alternative […]

Apprenticeship and You

GAI Haus (Not ADA accessible)
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Join us for an informal Q&A session where we’ll be sharing the exciting details of our upcoming German Wine Tour. Amy Waller, Sommelier of the German Wine Collection, Casey Horn, GAI’s Director of Cultural Programming and Ed-Ventures will be on hand to answer questions about the itinerary, the vineyards we’ll visit, the wines we’ll taste, and […]

German Wine Tour Virtual Q&A

Online via Zoom
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The GAI Damenklub (Women’s Club) welcomes all German speaking women who are interested in gathering for Gemütlichkeit and conversation auf Deutsch. The Damen meet at the GAI the third Monday of the month at noon for a potluck lunch and conversation.

GAI Damenklub

Event Series GAI Damenklub
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This German language club meets on the third Wednesday of the month at the GAI. Founded in 1979, the Sprachklub offers community members an opportunity to speak German in an informal, congenial setting, regardless of level of proficiency. A variety of topics are presented, and fluency ranges from a working knowledge of German to native […]

Deutscher Sprachklub

Event Series Deutscher Sprachklub
GAI Haus
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