Multikulti? Multiculturalism and Racism in Germany An advanced, week-long full-day camp experience for teens with level B1 German skills or graduates of TCGIS. George Floyd, Philandro Castile and Mohamed Noor. These names are well known in Minnesota, but what does racism look like in Germany, who are the protagonists and how do young people deal […]

Teen Intensiv: Multikulti?

GAI Haus
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Kleiche meets Apfelkuchen at our International Café as we promote cultural exchange and understanding through music, dance, and baked goods! Iraqi hospitality requires tea and cookies, and a German Kaffeeklatch is not complete without Kuchen. Join us as we bring together Iraqi and German culture in a delicious way. The Germanic-American Institute will host this […]

This German language club meets monthly at the GAI. Founded in 1979, the Sprachklub offers community members an opportunity to speak German in an informal, congenial setting, regardless of level of proficiency. A variety of topics are presented, and fluency ranges from a working knowledge of German to native speakers. For more information and upcoming […]

Deutscher Sprachklub

GAI Haus (Not ADA accessible)
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Nothing is better than an afternoon break with coffee and homemade German cakes made by the GAI Damenklub. Enjoy them on our porch and round out your afternoon with a leisurely stroll or bike ride on Summit Avenue. — All items à la carte — No reservations needed

Kaffee und Kuchen

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