The Kinderstube German@home curriculum is based on the whole child, meaning that all areas of development are taken into account. This translates into segments addressing music, art, social-emotional learning, nature, games, large motor skills, science and early math, and building and creating. The language acquisition portion of the program is based on the A1 level of the European Reference Framework, enabling children to continue their language education down the road with a head start. The entire program is self paced—caregivers and parents can choose when and where they’d like to devote attention to learning. The program has been divided into two years (see topics by month below) and cohorts can start in September or January. 

Each monthly module of the curriculum runs four weeks and has a theme with subtopics every week. For each subtopic, four 10 to 15 minute video segments are provided that encourage acquisition of vocabulary in a playful early childhood appropriate manner. Considering this is not an immersion environment, instructions will be given in English and German so the whole family can participate.

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Once a month, a live session with one of our instructors will recap, review, and solidify the learning from the month prior.

First Year Monthly Themes
Month 1: Greetings / I am…
Month 2: Family
Month 3: At Home
Month 4: Pets and Animals
Month 5: My Body
Month 6: Clothes and Colors
Month 7: Weather
Month 8: Seasons

Second Year Monthly Themes
Month 9: Shapes and Numbers
Month 10: Toys
Month 11: Free time and Sports
Month 12: Feelings (social-emotional learning)
Month 13: Mealtimes
Month 14: Fruits and Vegetables
Month 15: Transportation
Month 16: Shopping