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German Wine Tour

Friday, August 2, 2024 - Sunday, August 11, 2024

Enjoy stunning vineyard views and the best wines Germany has to offer as we visit the regions of Franken, Pfalz, Mosel, and Rheingau! We’ll be traveling with a personal tour guide, and joined by sommelier Amy Waller of the German Wine Collection. This 10-day tour will give a deep introduction to local varietals and winemaking traditions.

Along the way, we’ll visit spectacular sites throughout these four regions, including a hike through the steepest vineyard in Europe, a visit to the Rheingau Wine Festival, and exclusive access to some of the best vineyards, cellars and tasting rooms in Germany.

Want a sampling of the regions we’ll visit? Join us March 1 for our Grapes to Glass: German Wine Workshop. Sommelier Amy Waller will be your guide as we learn about the thirteen Anbaugebiete (wine-growing regions) of Germany and sample wines from a few of the vineyards we’ll visit on the tour!

Hosted by Ed-Ventures, curated by the GAI in partnership with sommelier Amy Waller of the German Wine Collection.

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You may know Amy from the Wine Workshops that she’s hosted at the GAI Haus (like the upcoming March Grapes to Glass Workshop!) or from her wine samplings at Deutsche Tage and Oktoberfest. She considers herself our resident German wine sommelier, spreading the German wine love and letting everyone know that it’s not all BIER! Amy’s a seasoned hospitality & wine professional in the Twin Cities having worked more than 25 years in hospitality in a number of local institutions including France 44 Wine and Spirits, Lucia’s Wine Bar, Khâluna and the James Beard award winning restaurant, The Bachelor Farmer. She fell in love with German wine years ago during her time at The Bachelor Farmer and has spent many years honing her knowledge of the country. She’s been a Wines of Germany ambassador since 2018 hosting educational seminars and tastings for German wine fans across the country and is now solely focused on German wine imports, in her role with The German Wine Collection. She visits Germany regularly to keep up with her producers. It’s rare to see her without a bottle of Riesling in tow.

Friday, August 2, 2024 - Sunday, August 11, 2024