As we look back at another year at the Germanic-American Institute, we’re filled with joy at all that has happened here at the Haus these past 12 months. 

We reflect often on what this community means to us, to you, and all our members, visitors, family, extended family, and friends. The GAI is truly a growing, exceptional community and for that, we’re so grateful. Your steadfast support and being a part of all that the GAI has to offer in this community–your community–is truly felt.

It’s been nearly 30 years since the GAI became a non-profit and began to offer language classes and expanded programming in support connecting one another further to German language and culture. We’ve come this far and continue to feel and see immense growth. We herald the tireless work of members past and present who’ve given us such a gift, this very special place to gather on Summit Avenue to connect with one another.

Join us in this continued exciting phase of growth for the GAI with a gift during our Annual Fund. Your tax-deductible donation to the GAI will ensure a space for German culture, language, and connection to a broader world will be here for generations to come. 

Vielen Dank for your generosity and support.